Family Farm Livestock is a website that teaches people the basics of good animal husbandry (caring for livestock) in a healthy and regenerative manner.

We help people raise happy, healthy livestock by continuously improving their animal husbandry and land stewardship skills.

Our story

We have been “in livestock” since the late 90’s. We started off milking cows, mainly Jerseys, in a rented barn with a small attached pasture. We were able to buy a farm, a few years later just one county over from where we started. We continued to milk cows and have multiple other side projects going on for years.

We decided to stop milking. That was a hard decision, and a bit scary. What to do now? Neither one of us wanted a job in town. We always had animals (even while milking full time), including sheep, a few goats, and a variety of poultry.

One of these choices seemed to be the place to expand from, so we decided to go with sheep as our main income source. We like them, sheep and lambs are growing in demand, do well on pasture and sheep do not require a large investment in single use facilities to raise.

Main flock of ewes

Today, we still have a variety of “projects” going on with various animals, with the focus being on the commercial flock of sheep.

I, Kathy, handle the website and we both work together on the farm. We share information with you that we have gained from experience, decades of experience.

Our experience, filled with both good results and not so good results, will help you spend your money wisely, minimize set backs and successfully include livestock into your daily life.