Can You Raise Rabbits In Your Backyard?

brown and white rabbit relaxing

Looking to have your yard do more than grow grass? What about using part of your backyard as a place to raise some rabbits?

How much space is needed to raise rabbits and are they are good backyard animal choice?

Rabbits can easily be raised in nearly any backyard.

All you need is to get yourself set up for backyard rabbits is to decide which part of the yard you want to dedicate to your rabbits, plan their housing and supplies (all easy to find), then get your rabbits and you are rolling!

Weight Of Rabbit
(in pounds)
Cage Space Needed
(in sq. ft.)
Interior Height
(minimum inches)
4.4 or less1.514
4.4 – 8.8314
8.8 – 11.9414
11.9 or more514
These numbers are taken from this Michigan State article if you want to check it out.

Rabbits are perfect for small areas

Even if you have a small backyard available, rabbits will work out for you.

Each rabbit needs 3 sq. ft. of floor space (mid size rabbits) to have enough room to exercise and be happy. More is better, but 3 is the least.

If you have a space available the size of a pickup truck bed (8 ft x 4 ft.) you have 32 sq. ft. of floor space or enough for over 10 rabbits!

Get creative here, your rabbits love shade and can be up in the air at about waist high.

Look around, do you have a spot under a tree that gets too much shade to grow well? A rabbit will love it here.

Could you put a rabbit hutch next to a garage or a hedge line?

Maybe you have a flower bed or back of a building that is too shaded to grow well? Stick the rabbit hutch right there, it’s perfect!

If you have poultry, like chickens, rabbits can be put in the same area since they are in the air and the chickens are on the ground.

The chickens will eat the spilled feed and keep the bugs out of the manure. That’s a win for everyone!

black rabbit in the shade
This is one of my daughter’s rabbits. She has the rabbits in the shade beside the garage.

Rabbits are quiet

Good news! If you live in an area with neighbors concerned about noise, rabbits will pass the noise test with flying colors!

Many areas of the country have beautiful backyards that are definitely big enough for animals. Rabbits are a great place to get started!

Rabbit feed is easy to get

The feed your rabbits need to keep them fit and healthy is found nearly anywhere. Even the big chain stores have rabbit food in the pet isle!

How much is feeding your rabbit going to cost you? Check out my article Cost To Raise A Rabbit For Meat.

Word to the price conscious: find a farm store that you can get your feed from. You’ll save a ton of cash! Pet rabbit feed is pricey!

Get the 50 pound bags at a feed mill (if you are lucky to live close enough) or a farm store.

The ease of getting feed for rabbits really makes them shine as a backyard animal. Imagine trying to get enough hay for a small herd of goats!

Now where will you put it! Rabbit feed is easy to find and easy to store.

If you want to keep your feed fresh for as long as possible, put it in a sealed container, like a storage container or a garbage can with a lid.

Especially if you just have one or two rabbits, it will be a while until you use that whole bag of rabbit pellets!

An additional bonus for keeping the feed sealed up is that it keeps out intruders that are looking for an easy snack.

Raccoon, possum, rodents, etc will all find those rabbit pellets to be a convenient lunch.

Rabbits are easy to find

With all of the people on the internet and doing at least some business online, finding rabbits is easier than ever!

Small animal auctions tend to have rabbits for sale, as well.

As always, when purchasing animals make sure you know what a healthy rabbit looks like and only buy high quality animals!

You’ve got choices, get a good one. If your first few attempts are not working, keep looking locally or try finding a breeder at ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

Another option is to contact your local 4-H extension office for names of people who sell rabbits to kids for fair projects.

Cages/hutches are plentiful online

black rabbit in wire cage showing spacing of wire for floor and sides with manure tray underneath
Notice the spacing of the wire used for this cage. The floor wire is much closer together, so the rabbit can easily be supported. The wire for the sides can be spaced much further apart. Also, if you look closely, you can see the manure tray under the cage.

As far as housing for your rabbits is concerned, no worries! There are quite a few hutches available on the online ads.

Every time I look at the ads for our area, there are multiple rabbit hutches available locally.

Maybe you are thinking you would rather have your rabbits in a wire cage in a shed or building that you already have?

That would work great, as well! I also see plenty of wire pens up for sale and resale, you just need to look around a bit.

Since you are just getting started, consider going with a more economical choice for your first few cages.

Once you get some experience and develop a feel for what works for you and what doesn’t, then look into new cages or building your own (if you are so inclined).

Check your local regulations before buying rabbits!

You need to check your local regulations before you buy your rabbits! Some area regulations do not permit any animals other than common pets.

Sadly, not all areas welcome area residents making strides toward self sufficiency and raising their own meat.

It is hard for me to see the sense in these stipulations, but they are in place, none the less. May I suggest that you heavily consider moving?

Save yourself the headache and heartache of getting ready to roll with backyard meat production only to have to nix the whole project because of rules.

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