Raising Sheep

How to get started raising sheep

Getting started with sheep as a business

Raising sheep for profit: Let’s look at some numbers

Are sheep expensive to raise?

9 things you need to raise sheep

Pros and cons of raising sheep

Looking after sheep: 9 things you need to know

Sheep or goats: which one should you raise?

Sheep or goats: Which is more profitable for a small farm?

Sheep or cattle: Which one is more profitable?

How much does it cost to feed a sheep?

Is raising your own lambs for meat worth it?

How much will my lambs sell for? (reading market reports)

What does it cost to maintain a sheep?

Is keeping sheep easy? Answers from a full time shepherd

7 big disadvantages of raising sheep

Best breeds of sheep for meat

Best breeds of sheep for wool (fine, medium, long & specialty)

8 friendliest breeds of sheep (great for beginners)

6 easy sheep breeds perfect for beginners & some breeds to avoid

How to find the right sheep breed for you

11 breeds of sheep with black faces: How many do you know?

Sheep breeds for handspinning (breed fleece suggestions)

Breeding Stock

When is a ewe too old to breed?

Will rams hurt lambs?

How much does a ram cost?

How much do sheep cost? (rams and ewes)

How to select for a grass fed flock of sheep

Buying Sheep: Where to look and what you’ll pay

Can you keep rams with ewes year round?

How do you keep sheep from inbreeding?

When should you put a ram in with the ewes?

When do sheep breed?

Sheep reproduction: beginner basics (charts and definitions)


8 things you should not do around sheep

Introducing new sheep to the flock: 6 keys to success

Herding sheep on foot: Guidance for the first time flock owner

How do sheep defend themselves?

How to tell if your sheep are stressed

8 ways to tell that your sheep are happy

Will sheep eat fruit trees?

Why rams headbutt each other (and you!)

Sheep Management

New to shearing sheep? How to set combs and cutters

Sheep shearing equipment for beginners: clippers and blades

When to shear sheep: Some things to consider

Why do sheep need shearing? A beginners overview

How to keep your sheep safe from predation

Why do farmers deworm sheep?

5 reasons to not keep bottle lambs for breeding stock

Bottle lamb problems: slow gains and weaning

What’s the best bedding for your sheep?

Why do sheep get maggots?

Do sheep need water?

Are sheep easy keepers? 4 things you have to get right!

12 ways sheep benefit farmers, the land and the community

Benefits of sheep bells for your small farm flock

Complete guide to raising sheep from a sheep farmer

Is your lamb ready to butcher? 3 things to check

Feeds and Feeding

Lamb creep feeder: What is it and why use one?

Do lambs eat corn?

Do lambs need creep feed?

Do lambs eat hay?

How old do lambs need to be to wean?

Need your lambs to gain more weight? 3 things to check

Can sheep eat wet hay?

Should you give sheep hay or grass?

The best way to feed round bales to sheep

Hay for sheep: which hay is the best choice for your flock?

How many bales of hay do sheep need?

Do sheep eat hay?

Do sheep need to be fed twice a day?

What do sheep eat in the winter?

What to feed your sheep & what not to feed them!

What is the best food for sheep? (with alternatives)

What can sheep eat other than grass?

Do sheep ruin pastures? Keeping sheep and pastures healthy

What is the best animal to eat extra grass?

Facilities and Equipment

Electronet 9/35/12 for sheep: Should you buy it?

Sheep fencing: Pros and cons of electric vs woven wire

Is electric netting worth it?

Is it okay for sheep to be out in the rain?

How many sheep can you have per acre?

How much space do you need to raise sheep?

Small acreage or backyard sheep: Will it work for you?

How much land do I need to raise sheep?

Can sheep mow my lawn?


7 reasons why lambs are rejected or orphaned

Are lambs born only in the spring?

What to do if a sheep rejects or disowns her lamb

Why do ewes steal lambs?

8 signs your sheep is about to give birth

Do lambs need heat lamps?

Lambing time supply list: What you really need and what you don’t

Lambing season: What to expect and how to be ready

Sheep Products

Fiber festival: What it is and why you should go

Eating lamb: Why isn’t lamb more popular?

Why do people eat lamb and not sheep?

What can you make out of sheep wool?

Where to sell your wool: Options for new sheep owners

Why is lamb meat so expensive?

100+ breeds of sheep wool: A chart for handspinners

About Sheep

Why don’t sheep have tails?

Why don’t sheep naturally shed?

Why do sheep need shepherds?

How do you know if a sheep is sick?

Why do sheep die so easily?

Why do sheep have paint on them?

Are all sheep white? Insights from a shepherd

Why do farmers have lambs in the winter?

Are sheep dangerous?

Do sheep naturally have long tails?

5 reasons why sheep follow each other

Do sheep have horns?

Can sheep get up if they fall down? Questions for a shepherd

Where do sheep sleep at night?

Where do sheep live?

What are the differences between sheep and lambs?

15 reasons why people have sheep

111 facts about sheep: Beginner friendly basics

How much is a sheep worth for slaughter?

Do lambs make good pets?

Do lambs have wool?


Raising Pigs

Is Raising Pigs For Meat Worth It?

How to naturally raise happy, healthy pigs

Pros and cons of raising pigs

Raising pigs for meat? 9 things you need to know

Is it hard to raise pigs for meat?

Want your pigs to grow faster? 5 things that will help!

Are pigs dangerous to raise?

5 reasons pigs are easy to raise

Pig basics: Stats for raising your own pigs

12 simple tips for raising your own pigs

How fast do pigs grow? 5 keys for success

Can you raise pigs with chickens, ducks, guineas or geese?

How do you raise a backyard pig?

How long does it take to raise a pig for slaughter?

What’s the cost to buy a pig? (with examples and prices)

Pig not eating? 5 ideas that will help

How to take care of pastured pigs

How much does it cost to raise pigs?

Feeder pigs

Raise feeder pigs or buy them? The best option

When is the best time to get feeder pigs?

Raising feeder pigs: How long does it take?

7 tips to keep feeder pigs in the fence

Buying feeder pigs? Where to get the pigs you’ll love

How much do piglets cost? (Including buying tips)

Can feeder pigs live on grass alone?

Facilities and equipment

7 Tips for moving pigs easily (with 3 things to avoid)

Equipment you need for raising pigs: 4 must have items

Are pigs a good fit for your farm? 6 questions to think about

How many pigs on 5 acres? (With pasture rotation plan)

Pigs don’t need to stink! Raise your pigs without the smell

What is the best bedding to use for pigs?

How much space to I need to raise pigs?

What is a pig sorting board? (+how to use it!)

Pigs for meat

Home raised pork: What are your butchering costs?

How much freezer space do you need for your pig? (Whole, 1/2 or 1/4)

When is your pig ready to butcher? 5 ways to figure it out

Raising pigs as a business

Can you make money raising pigs?

How many pigs do you need to make a profit?

Are pigs a good investment?

When should you sell your pigs? (From feeders up to breeders)

How much can you sell a pig for?

Cost of raising pigs born on your own farm

Feeding Pigs

How much does a pig eat in 6 months?

Best feed for raising pigs (Including a handy chart)

Cheapest way to feed pigs for butchering

What’s the best thing to feed pigs?

What can you feed pigs to make them taste better?

How often do pigs need to be fed?

Natural feeds for your pigs (including handy chart)

Pigs and salt: Do they really need it?

Do pigs eat hay? (Is it good for them?)

Overfeeding pigs: A common problem or not?

Pig raising basics: What do you feed your pigs?

Pigs: What are your feed options?

What is a good pig feed mix? A few options

Pig feed rations

Pounds of feed needed to raise a pig for meat

How much do you feed bred sows and bred gilts?

Pig Breeds

Choosing the best pig breed for meat

Best pig breed for beginners raising their own pork

Best pig breed for bacon lovers

Which breed of pig grows the fastest?

How to tell the differences in pig breeds

Best pigs for beginners (chart included)

Best pig breeds for homesteaders that are new to pigs

What is heritage breed pork? Sorting out the confusion

Breeding pigs

Best pigs for breeding stock: A beginner’s guide

Can you breed related pigs?

Breeding pigs: How often, when, which pigs to use and why

Do pigs eat their own babies?

At what age are pigs ready to breed?

How much does it cost to A.I. a pig?

Pig reproduction: Beginner basics

Ready for piglets? What to expect when your sow (or gilt) is expecting!

Expecting piglets? How to care for the sow and her babies

About Pigs

What do pigs do all day?

Pigs rooting: What are they trying to find?

How much do pigs cost per pound?

Why do farmers have pigs?

Is it okay to have just one pig?

Family Cow

Choosing a family cow

Need a family cow? 12 breeds you should know

A family cow: How to choose and take care of her

A family milk cow: How much will she cost?

Family milk cow: The 5 best breeds for beginners

Getting a family cow: Buy a cow or raise a heifer?

Milking cow vs milking goat: Which one should you choose?

Care and management

How to hand milk a cow: 8 easy steps to having your own milk!

A family cow: How much will she milk?

Your family cow’s milk production: What to expect

Keeping a family milk cow: Daily routine and what to expect

Is having a family cow affordable? (Budget included)

Feeding plan for your family cow (List included)

Family milk cow daily care: The 5 essentials for success

Your family cow: Amount of manure and what to do with it!

Your family cow: When and how to get her bred back

Are Jerseys good for beef?

Raising bottle calves: How to get started (Costs included)

Salt: Why your cattle need it

Zero grazing: What is it and will it work for you?

About dairy cows

Does a cow need to be milked? Sorting out myth from reality

How can a dairy cow milk if she is not pregnant?

Life of a dairy cow: What does she do all day?

Milking cow vs milking goat: Which one should you choose?

91 facts about dairy cattle and milking dairy cattle: Beginner basics

Cattle reproduction: The basics for beginners!

Why does a cow need to be milked? Sorting out myth from reality

Beef cattle

Getting started

Buying beef cattle: Starter herd cost

Beginning with beef cattle: How to care for your new herd

Getting started with beef cattle: Buying your starter herd

Getting started with cattle: The basics you need to know

14 docile beef cattle breeds: Good choices for a beginner

Should you raise cattle? 7 things to consider

Raising cattle

Beef cattle and manure: Amount to expect and what to do with it!

Reading a cattle market report: The basics you need to know

Cattle guards: How do they work and should you use them?

Cattle reproduction: The basics for beginners!

Wondering about A.I. for your cattle? What you need to know

Raising cattle on small acreages: 5 ways to make it happen!

Cattle for beef

Is raising your own beef worth it?

Raising your own beef: When is your steer ready to butcher?

Raising your own beef: Is it worth the time and effort?

Organic beef: What does it mean and how are the cattle raised?

You don’t have to be a rancher! Raise a dairy steer

Cattle implants: What are they and should you use them?

Beef: Grass fed vs grain fed, differences for the cattle and the eaters

How much beef will fit in my freezer?

Cost to butcher your own beef

Beef quality: What makes the most flavorful results

Feeding beef cattle

Feeding your small herd of cattle: Feedlot or pasture?

Beef cattle: Beginner’s guide to feed costs

Grazing cattle: Using grass to feed your herd

Why do farmers feed cows corn instead of grass?

About cattle

How do farmers and ranchers breed cows?

Are cattle herbivores? An easy way to tell (applies to all animals)

Cattle rustling: Not just in the movies!

Are cattle sustainable? Some thoughts to consider

Why do cattle: eat dirt, stampede, bellow and more

Why does a cow eat grass? Beginner basics

Do cows have horns? Answers to common questions about horns


Getting started

Best breed of meat goat for beginners

Buying your first goats? Where to get them (& where not to)

Thinking of getting into meat goats? Costs of getting started

Raising goats: How to care for your new herd

Raising goats

How much time do you need to raise goats for meat?

7 Best things about raising goats

Raising goats: How much space do you need?

Will my goats run away? Concerns of new goat owners

Growing your goat herd: 8 things you need to know

Raising goats: How do you know when to butcher a goat?

Goats as a business

Raising goats: Cost to keep and raise goats

Are meat goats a profitable small farm business?

When is the best time to sell meat goats?

What is the current selling price for goats? (Reading market reports)

Feeding goats

Goat feeding and nutrition: How best to feed your goats

Raising goats: Can a goat eat too much hay?

Feeding goats for beginners: What to give them and how much they need

About goats

14 common goat breeds in America

How often does a goat need to be milked?

Goats and ducks: Can they live together?

Nigerian Dwarf: A wonderful goat in a small package

Can you milk any breed of goat?

Why is goat meat so expensive?


Raising rabbits

What do you need to raise rabbits?

Can you raise rabbits in your backyard?

Raising rabbits: How hard is it?

5 ways to help your rabbits grow faster

Costs of raising rabbits

How much are rabbits and cost to raise them

How much does it cost to raise rabbits for meat?

Rabbits for meat

How to start raising rabbits for meat

Is raising your own meat rabbits worth it?

16 breeds of rabbits to raise for meat

How many meat rabbits for a family of four?

Amount of meat from a pair of rabbits per year

How long does it take to raise a rabbit for meat?

Why is rabbit meat so expensive?


Raising your own meat

Your family’s meat for a year: What to raise?

Raise your own meat: How long does it take?

Cheapest meat animal to raise (Chart and cost per pound of meat included)


Easy livestock to raise for total beginners

Raising farm animals together: What works and what doesn’t!

5 Best farm animals to raise for profit

5 farm animals that can be raised with cattle

4 Low maintenance farm animals

All stock

Livestock watering needs: Plus extreme weather watering tips

Tags vs tattoos: Which is better for animal identification

Composting: The best way to dispose of dead stock

What happens to farm animals when they die?

Buying at livestock auction: 7 things to know before you go

How do livestock auctions work: An overview for sellers

What to look for when purchasing livestock

Is corn bad for farm animals?

Animal husbandry vs livestock farming: What’s the difference?


How do you make hay? The basics

Is making your own hay worth it?

1st or 2nd cutting hay? Differences all hay buyers need to know

What is 1st cutting hay?

What is 2nd cutting hay?

What is 3rd cutting hay?

7 tips to help you choose high quality hay

Is hay made from lawn grass?

3 reasons to use hay as bedding instead of straw

Livestock basics: The differences between hay and straw

Making haylage: 6 common mistakes to avoid

Haylage: What is it and why you would want to use it

Haylage: What is it and how it’s made

Oatlage: What is it and why we grow and feed it!

Fence and fencing

How far can you run an electric fence?

Does an electric fence need to make a complete loop?

Why is the electric fence not working?

How do you power an electric fence for livestock?

Can grass ground out your electric fence?


Facilities and equipment

Do you have enough room to raise ducks?

Can you let your ducks roam free?

Do ducks need a coop to live in?


Duck breeding stock: How to choose your breed and individual ducks

16 duck breeds for eggs and meat

Raising ducks

How cold is too cold for ducks?

Backyard eggs: An easy start to being more self sufficient

Are ducks friendlier than chickens?

Are ducks quieter than chickens?

Ducks eating dirt, meat, chicken feed? What’s ok and what’s not

What is in duck feed? Basic duck feeding rations

6 animals that can be raised with ducks and chickens

When are ducks fully grown?

Raising ducks: How many ducks should you start with?

Meat ducks

Is raising your own ducks for meat worth it?

Easiest duck to raise for meat: What to feed your ducklings and how fast they will grow

Ducks: How fast they grow and when will they be ready to eat?

Cost of raising Pekin ducks: From duckling to 2 months, feed costs included

Why is duck meat expensive?


Do ducklings need food and water at night?

What is the best bedding to use for ducklings

How much feed do ducklings need?

How much water do ducklings need?

Do ducklings need a heat lamp?

Brooding ducklings: Tips for beginners


Raising chickens

Space needed to raise chickens: Broilers and layers

Can you keep chickens in your backyard?

5 Birds that can live with chickens!

How to successfully use a still air egg incubator

Do your hens need a rooster to lay eggs?

How to choose a chicken hatchery: A guide for first time chick buyers

Are chickens mammals? 5 easy things to check


How much do you feed egg strain pullets?

6 tips to naturally fatten up your chickens

Make your own layer feed (Pullet feed included)

Why do chickens eat rocks? What “rocks” to feed your birds and why

Make your own broiler feed (2 options)

Is Raising chickens for eggs worth it?

What is laying mash and do your chickens need it?

Meat chickens

Easiest chicken to raise for meat: With tips (and mistakes to avoid)

Raising 25 broilers: Beginner’s guide to area needed and options

Cost to butcher meat chickens (with examples)

Is raising meat chickens worth it?

How long does it take to process a meat chicken?

How to pluck a chicken without a plucker

Can you eat a rooster?

Chicken breeds

Cornish cross vs red ranger broilers: Which is better to raise?

Best chicken breed: Dual purpose, hardy & colorful

12 crested chicken breeds: Fun birds for your backyard

20 of the calmest chicken breeds: Family friendly choices


Raising turkeys

What is the best bedding to use for turkeys?

Is raising your own meat turkey worth it?

What is the best age to butcher a turkey?

10 turkey breeds for raising your own meat

What is the best feed for turkeys?

How to tell the difference between male and female turkeys

Which bird makes more noise: Turkeys or chickens?

How much feed does it take to raise a turkey?

Turkey poults

Space to raise turkeys, brooder and grow out areas

Hatching your own turkey poults? 6 things you need to know

When is it safe to let turkey poults outside?

How to raise turkey poults (Including brooder set up)

Are turkey poults easy to raise?

4 easy ways to get turkey poults to eat and drink


Will a goose sit on bad eggs?

What are the best geese for eating?

Are geese easy to raise?

How much space do you need to raise geese?

Is raising your own geese worth it?


Is raising guineas worth it?

Guinea fowl: Cost to purchase and raise them