Pig Basics: Stats For Raising Your Own Pigs

Berkshire cross feeder pigs eating out of a bulk feeder

This chart lists out some pig basics. More detailed explanations are available by following the links below the descriptions.

Gestation length
-this can and will vary a few days either way
Sow/Gilt Expecting Piglets
114 days
Number of pigs in a litter
-also important is her mothering ability:
being careful to lay down slowly
and producing lots of milk
Caring For The Sow and Piglets
8-14 piglets
(1-20 piglets
less common)
Days in an average heat cycle
-keep track on the calendar!
Pig Basics: Pig Reproduction
21 days
Can you A.I. pigs?
-A.I. means artificially inseminate
Cost to A.I. Pigs
Time to finish
(grow to market size from a purchased feeder pig)
-pigs need full feed to finish on time
When Is Your Pig Ready To Butcher
3.5-4 months
Size of a feeder pig
-non commercial breeds can be smaller
Buying A Feeder Pig
35-60 pounds
Age of a feeder pig
-be sure your pigs are at least 8 weeks old
Buying A Feeder Pig
8-12 weeks
Pounds of feed needed to finish a pig
-this is for premixed ground feed, other feed sources
will change this amount
Amount of Feed To Finish A Pig
600-650 pounds
Feed to gain ratio
(pounds of feed needed per pound of weight gained)
-cold weather makes the ratio higher
Amount of Feed To Finish A Pig
3 to 1
Number of pigs per group
-pigs should always be raised in a group
12 Tips For Raising Pigs
multiples of 3
ex. 9 or 12
Cost of feed-bagged in 50 pound bags
-check out you local farm store for current prices
for your area, this is the current average price
for my area (Ohio)
Cost of Feed
$18.00/50 pounds
Cost of feed-bulk in 100 pound bags
-this is feed directly from a feed mill,
non branded and ground and mixed on site
Cost of Feed
$14.00/100 pounds
Total feed cost for raising feeder pigs
to market size using 50 pound bags of feed
-your costs from either of the totals above can
change this total for your pigs
Cost to Raise A Pig
Total feed cost for raising feeder pigs
to market size using 100 pound bags of bulk feed
-your total feed cost will depend upon your
cost per pound of bulk feed
Cost to Raise A Pig
Amount of water needed per pig
-always have plentiful water available
Space per pig
free choice
Pounds to feed each pig per day
-show pigs are generally limit fed, not free choice
How Much Feed
free choice
Can pigs be raised on pasture?
-with grain or other high calorie feeds
Space per Pig
Can pigs be raised in a pen?
-pigs share group spaces, like the nest
Space per pig
Should pigs be raised one at a time?
-for the health of the pig it needs a friend or two
12 Tips For Raising Feeder Pigs
(get 2 or more)

Please note: any costs listed are for my area, your area may be different. If so, you’ll need to do a little math to calculate your costs.

If the costs for your area are different than mine, use the links listed in that section of the table to take you to the corresponding article.

Once you’re there, put your own numbers into the step by step calculations written out in the article.

Small scale pig keeping: the fundamentals of farrowing is part of a series of wonderful articles by Dr. Michaela Giles, click through and spend some time on these!

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